Parcel Box - DeLuxe version

PARCEL BOX - DeLuxe Version -

Extra Large Capacity for your mail, newspapers and parcels

The most frustrating issue facing many online shoppers today is that they are never at home to receive their parcels which wont fit through their letterplate or into their postbox.  Therefore, requiring a roundtrip to the local sorting office to queue to collect your latest purchase or, still having your goods delivered to your place of work!


The designer led Parcel Box Deluxe is the solution that we have all been looking for.  A large receptacle for all your mail, newspapers and medium packages. Secured within a galvanized steel box and concreted into the ground with a patented base plate (optional) and securely locked with a high secuirty 5 pin cylinder lock.  The Parcel Flap for deliveries is 115mm H x 300mm W x 300mm D. The intermediate shelf in the postbox can be removed to create space for unusually high volumes of mail, e.g. in connection with holidays. Our system allows more than one delivery a day, wheras the majority of similar products will only let you have one! This product can then act as a mailbox, a newspaper box and a parcel box! This Parcel Box also has a unique locking mechanism so you can keep the box shut to prevent any deliveries (useful if you dont want the box to be used)


How it works?

Simply open the lid and place the parcel onto the internal shelf. when the lid is closed the parcel will actually drop down inside the box. If you again lift the lid you will see the parcel has gone and can't be accessed unless with the key to the door.

What makes the Parcel Box different?
This parcel box accepts multiple deliveries. Most alternative parcel boxes have a simple locking arrangement that only allows for a single delivery, and they are not usable until the owner is home.

Who needs the Parcel Box?
Online shoppers, eBay users, mail order catalogue users. In fact anybody that has home parcel deliveries and doesn't want to spend all day waiting for a home parcel delivery.

Is it secure?

The Dropbox is made from galvanised steel and can be screwed to a wall or floor, or concreted into the ground with the optional base plate. This secure parcel box features a anti-theft device to prevent fishing and a secure five pin cylinder lock with 30,000 variations (differs).

What size parcels does the Parcel Box accept?
The front based parcel flap accepts deliveries up to (H x W x D) 135x 290x 375mm.



Made of electrogavelnised steel
Powder coated finish (also supplied with 4 personalised plates in green, red, blue and stainless steel)
Weather proof
Parcel drawer fitted with soft close device
Multi parcels delivery possible
12 years guarantee against rust
Security lock supplied with 2 security keys. 30.000 variations so you are sure nobody has the same key as yours!
antitheft device to prevent fishing attempts
Dimensions: 1100mm high x 345mm wide x 280mm deep
Parcel opening: 115x300x330
Front delivery, front retrieval.


*UK mainland only

Product Code: F4739

Product ID: 77

Manufacturer: Allux

from on Nov 3rd 2016 Verified Purchase
You were selling the extra large parcel box that was required
from on Aug 30th 2016 Verified Purchase
Looks good product
from on Jul 2nd 2015 Verified Purchase
19-05-15: Product available in colour required and competitive price.

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Parcel Box - DeLuxe version

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