BlogRural postboxes protected

Rural postboxes protected

Rural postboxes protected

Anette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East, has welcomed the measures announced by Ofcom to increase protection for rural post boxes.


Ofcom requires Royal Mail to provide a sufficient number to meet the needs of postal users. The criteria setting out how Royal Mail must meet this obligation impose requirements on the location and density of post boxes.

Currently, these criteria apply in only 61 out of the 121 postcode areas in the UK. The postcodes excluded are mostly rural areas. Ofcom is proposing to extend protection for rural post box users.

There must be a box within half a mile of at least 98 per cent of ‘delivery points’ nationally; and for the remaining two per cent, Royal Mail must provide post boxes or other means of access (e.g. collection on delivery) to meet reasonable needs.

Dr Milne said: “There has been a fall in the use of post boxes as e-mail and other forms of communication has increased. However, it is important to many local communities to continue to have access to a post box.”


Published on Monday 8 April 2013 on Montrose Review


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