BlogBritsh Standard BS EN13724... What is it?

Britsh Standard BS EN13724... What is it?

Britsh Standard BS EN13724... What is it?

Most of the mailboxes for sale nowadays that can be found on the internet conform to EN13724. This is a European standard set out to ensure that a mailbox meets certain requirements with respect to accepting letters and keeping those letters safe.


What is EN13724?

Without doubt the most common question relating to EN13724 mailboxes and letter boxes. And it concerned mainly with the ability of a mailbox to accept a C4 envelope and keep it safe. C4 envelopes are 324 x 229mm. That is 12.8 x 9 inches in imperial dimensions.

But specifically, for test methods, the C4 envelope must be 24mm thick (height) containing flat A4 paper 80gm sheets. In reality once a C4 envelope is filled with paper, its dimensions shrink a little.

So here are the main criteria for a mailbox set out by the European Norm 13724 standard:


  • A C4 envelope or document (324 x 229mm) should be able to be delivered without having to bend, fold or damage the document in any way.
  • The aperture of the mailbox therefore must be a minimum of 230mm width and a maximum of 280mm for C4 length way deliveries.
  • And for C4 side way deliveries, the aperture of the mailbox must be a minimum of 325mm and a maximum of 400mm width.
  • Relating to volume, the size of the mailbox must be able to hold a 40mm high/thick pile of documents or envelopes.
  • The height of the aperture must be between 30mm and 35mm.
  • The height of the lowest mailbox aperture should be no lower than 700mm from delivery floor level and the height of the highest mailbox aperture be no higher than 1700mm from delivery floor level. Special circumstances allow aperture heights to be between 400mm and 1800mm from delivery floor level.
  • The letter flap of the mailbox must be easily opened and be self-closing.
  • The ensure that the document or envelope is not damaged or compromised, the aperture should not have any sharp edges.
  • When the mailbox is situated externally, the mailbox should not allow more than 1% of its volume of water ingress or moisture from natural precipitation or other moisture sources. (The standard also suggests that delivery persons should fully deliver the mail / document and allow the letter flap to close fully)
  • Sight windows are mostly not permitted, to ensure maximum privacy and security.
  • The aperture of the mailbox will have an anti-theft (also known as an anti-fishing) baffle to the inner aperture of the mailbox.
  • The lock of the mailbox must have at least 200 different combinations / mailbox key references.
  • The mailbox will have corrosion resistance in accordance with EN1670.
These are what wewould call the major specification criteria for British Standard EN13724 mailboxes and letter boxes.

Where are EN13724 mailboxes applicable?

EN13724 is applicable in all CEN member countries, including United Kingdom.


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