D110 Letterbox


The post box, previously know as Brabantia B110 has a top opening which enables large items such as catalogues etc. to be posted with ease and has a rainproof flap.


  • Designed to hold large quantities of post, large letters, catalogues etc.
  • Rainwater proof flap - keeps the mail clean and dry
  • Weather resistant
  • Slot opening on top of the postbox
  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Suitable for post mounting
  • Suitable for the home or office
  • 5 year guarantee (10 years in stainless steel)
  • Height - 410mm, Width - 305mm, Depth - 150mm

Why do I need a letterbox and not a letterplate?

Police and Insurance companies are committed to preventing crime, theft and fraud, and when it comes to letter plates in peoples front doors (as 80% of burglaries are through your front door) their main concerns are:

Lock Manipulation: the art of opening your front door from within using a wire and letting themselves in your front door.

Car Theft: we all do it, walk in and place our keys on a table, shelf or key rack in reach of our front door.

ID Theft: we go to work, the postman delivers our mail on to our welcome mat and the thieves help themselves during the 8 hours we are out.

Arson Attacks: unfortunately, and we hear about it in the media too often, cowards like to pour accelerants through letter plates followed by a match, enough said!

Thermal Co-efficiency: with the introduction of EPC ratings by the EU. Having a letterbox instead of a hole in your front door can help your rating.

Noise Reduction: continued advances in reducing noise pollution are often negated when a hole is then cut into your front door.



Product Code: 13256

Product ID: 4

Manufacturer: Decayeux

from on Mar 20th 2017 Verified Purchase
Good Price - also specified the Colour as "Anthracite" (others just said "dark grey")
from on Mar 3rd 2017 Verified Purchase
Suprisingly cheaper than buying from manufacturer direct.
from on Mar 3rd 2017 Verified Purchase
Best price on the product i could find. Reliable looking website. Very Simple.
from on Nov 23rd 2016 Verified Purchase
Liked product, Easy.
from on Nov 14th 2016 Verified Purchase
Price and colour availability. Delivery charge very expensive. Would have expected at least next day delivery for that price.
from on Sep 30th 2016 Verified Purchase
Good selection of style and colours.
from on Sep 29th 2016 Verified Purchase
Best Price
from on Aug 18th 2016 Verified Purchase
Had what i wanted
from on Jul 27th 2016 Verified Purchase
Unable to find this particular post box in 'Latte' elsewhere. Pleased to be offered extra keys.
from on Jul 25th 2016
from on Jun 22nd 2016 Verified Purchase
from on May 25th 2016 Verified Purchase
Looked a good quality website/company.
from on May 18th 2016 Verified Purchase
Great reviews and website is simple to use.
from on Mar 9th 2016 Verified Purchase
Quick and Easy, Very good
from on Feb 26th 2016 Verified Purchase
Varied selection of product
from on Feb 12th 2016 Verified Purchase
Quick and easy site with good range of product choice
from on Feb 5th 2016 Verified Purchase
Cost effective and very easy
from on Jan 22nd 2016 Verified Purchase
Liked Stock
from on Jan 6th 2016 Verified Purchase
Good quality looking products
from on Jan 6th 2016 Verified Purchase
Good value
from on Dec 14th 2015 Verified Purchase
Bigger box than many and looked good quality.
from on Nov 30th 2015 Verified Purchase
Good range of products that seemed to be quality
from on Nov 23rd 2015 Verified Purchase
23-11-15: Good reviews
from on Nov 19th 2015 Verified Purchase
29-10-15: Very easy to work
from on Nov 19th 2015 Verified Purchase
19-11-15: We were searching for waterproof top-loading mailbox. Google led us to you, product reviews sound good.
from on Nov 19th 2015 Verified Purchase
19-11-15: We were searching for waterproof top-loading mailbox. Google led us to you, product reviews sound good.
from on Jul 2nd 2015 Verified Purchase
01-04-15: You had stock of x 6 post boxes unlike other sites and your prices are good and range good. Nice and easy
from on Jul 2nd 2015 Verified Purchase
02-01-15: Quality. Difficulty with address being accepted
from on Jul 2nd 2015 Verified Purchase
21-01-15: Seems as though you have a good range of product and the prices looked OK. Delivery charge is a bit steep though.
from on Jan 20th 2015 Verified Purchase
20-01-15: Great selection. Easy to navigate and great categories.
from on Dec 1st 2014 Verified Purchase
01-12-25: Best price and easy to use website
from on Nov 14th 2014 Verified Purchase
14-11-14: We have previously ordered from you and been satisfied with your product
from on Nov 6th 2014 Verified Purchase
06-11-14: Found product we had been searching for. Efficient website
from on Oct 9th 2014 Verified Purchase
09-10-14: You were the only place that specified waterproof postboxes. Pretty good
from on Aug 11th 2014 Verified Purchase
11-08-14: Quick ordering services. Clear site, easy to follow and navigate around.
from on Jul 16th 2014 Verified Purchase
16-07-14: Seemed the best product to suit my needs.
from on Jun 30th 2014 Verified Purchase
30-06-14: Product looked to be suitable product. & value for money from reviews Choice of colour. Time will tell if fit for purpose. Effective process. Website clear & with sufficient information.
from on Jun 12th 2014 Verified Purchase
12-06-14: Appeared to be good value product and what I was looking for.
from on Jun 6th 2014 Verified Purchase
06-06-14: Liked the look of the product and seemed one of the cheaper websites. Good website, easy to use.
from on Jun 4th 2014 Verified Purchase
04-06-14: Product and cost. Very smooth
from on May 30th 2014 Verified Purchase
30-05-14: Read the reviews and compared the price on similar sites. Looked the best deal.
from on Jun 25th 2013 Verified Purchase
22-06-13: It was easy to find that you had what I needed in stock and at a reasonable price.
from on May 16th 2013 Verified Purchase
16-05-13: We have bought post boxes previously for our properties and have been very happy with them.
from on Apr 24th 2013 Verified Purchase
24-04-13: Good range, good feedback
from on Feb 22nd 2013 Verified Purchase
22-02-13: Reasonable price
from on Jan 7th 2013 Verified Purchase
07-01-13: Compare value for money and selection suitability
from on Dec 6th 2012 Verified Purchase
06-12-12: Appears to suit our needs. Simple so far.
from on Nov 26th 2012 Verified Purchase
23-11-12: Product was what we wanted. Also, Anna was very helpful on the phone.

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