BlogLetterbox Protection to prevent Arson and Poisoning is Life-Saving!

Letterbox Protection to prevent Arson and Poisoning is Life-Saving!

Letterbox Protection to prevent Arson and Poisoning is Life-Saving!

Are you the Head of your Household? Are you the person responsible for the members of your family or group living in your home?

What does this responsibility mean? This will involve governing, leading, caring, providing financially, maintaining the home and of course health and safety.

As the Head of Household who is your responsibility? It will certainly be your spouse, wife, husband or partner. It will be your children, your parents or anyone who lives with you. Your pets also fall into this category. Some people even love animals more than people! I recently read in the national press, a harrowing tale concerning dog owners:

The national supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s is considering offering compensation to customers after a promotional campaign went badly wrong and resulted in dogs being poisoned. Loyal customers of Sainsbury’s with reward cards were posted free samples of Green & Black’s chocolate. The problem was that when the chocolate came through the household letterbox, hungry dogs tore open the packaging and devoured the chocolate, making some of them very ill. Even small quantities of chocolate are enough to cause dogs to suffer from theobromine poisoning which can be fatal.

In September 2017 Sainsbury’s apologised and said it was urgently investigating, adding that bosses were considering compensating customers whose pets fell ill. Facebook comments were:

"My eight-month old puppy Bruno is currently having his stomach pumped at the vets due to this foolishness.”

“I returned to find three bars of dark chocolate had been devoured on my front doorstep, and a very hyper puppy having heart palpitations. I'm furious."

"Within five minutes it was ripped to bits, from what I could tell there were five bars of chocolate.”

"It is the cocoa that's harmful to dogs and I believe there's quite a high content in Green & Black's so it's exactly the kind of thing you want to avoid.”

Here is the full story in the national newspaper, the Telegraph:

Dogs rushed to vets after eating promotional chocolates sent in post by Sainsbury's

It was a thank you gift intended for a supermarket chain's loyal customer base.

With Bonfire Night and Firework celebrations coming up soon, it’s not only chocolate that could be posted through your letterbox. Leading up to Fireworks Night 2017 there are thoughtless and evil people out there that post fireworks and pour accelerants through letterboxes.

Here are just two alarming stories:

Lit firework explodes after being pushed through letterbox

GMP are treating the incident in Latimer Street, Oldham, as an arson

Arsonist torches couple's £800,000 home after 'house warming' party jibe

AN arsonist lodger who torched an £800,000 home sent a note saying: “Sorry to have missed your house warming my friend, hope it was a scream,” a court heard. Mark Penney, 54, had been told to leave…

Therefore, what actions can the Head of Household take to prevent harm to his house, home and family? What protection is there? Do you need a fireproof letterbox?

Postbox Shop have the solution with their Anti Arson Letterbox Range. To protect yourself or your business against arson attacks, you should install an anti-arson letterbox.

It is simple to fix behind a door and easy to maintain, as each box is manufactured from electro-galvanised steel with a white polyester powdered coating to improve durability, and ensure it is easy to clean. Our High Security Letterboxes maybe of interest, if you have concerns of vandalism.

All Postbox Shop anti arson letterboxes include an anti-theft baffle too, with secure locking systems, and 2 keys provided. Check out our range today, examine design dimensions and further product specifications, which will make your home safe and secure.


This year it could be a firework through the letterbox instead of chocolates.

If you wish to find out more about our anti arson letterbox range, or have any questions, simply contact us via form today!

Call us on 01233 664 524

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.


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