BlogMultiple Mailboxes from Postbox Shop are a must for Student Accommodation

Multiple Mailboxes from Postbox Shop are a must for Student Accommodation

Multiple Mailboxes from Postbox Shop are a must for Student Accommodation

There are several crimes or dangers associated with normal letter boxes or letter plates.
Landlords, Colleges and Universities need to be wary and should consider installing multiple postboxes into their properties or student accommodation. Postbox Shop have a quality range of safe, secure and superbly designed multiple postboxes.
What are the problems with normal, hole in the door, letterboxes?
How many times have we come home to find a freebie newspaper or leaflets sticking out of the letter plate? A newspaper stuck in a letter plate might indicate that nobody is at home.
It could be this small visual clue that puts the idea of burglary into the mind of the thief.
Another factor to bear in mind, not associated with crime, is that in the winter a letterbox lets the cold air into a house or appartment and lets the warm air out.
A criminal’s assessment of whether to rob or not, or sometimes known as, ‘casing the joint’, can be assisted by looking through the letterbox or plate. Can the thief hear people inside the home or can he see the car keys on the hall table? If so, he or she can fish the keys from a table.
The term ‘fishing’ describes the action of putting a rod and hook or arm and stick through the letter plate to steal something in reach. This technique normally leads to the theft of the house and car keys left on a hall table. With the keys, they will let themselves into the house and steal from it or steal the car or do both.
Targeting manipulation of the door opening mechanism or lock can reap rewards for the thief. It can refer to the technique of putting a thin arm through the letterbox to access the turn knob on the back of a lock. This is the way that people can break into a house converted into flats where there is often a single night latch on the street entrance door.
The other growing problem concerns the opening of multipoint locking mechanisms. There is also a security weakness, if you have a door that has multipoint locking with what’s called a ‘split spindle’ on the door handle and you do not throw the bolts, by lifting the handle and key lock it at night. If you don’t do this, then you can open the door by just pushing down the internal handle. Burglars know this and check out many properties by putting a stick through people’s letter plates to see if they can open the door. The households most at risk are those where the letter plate is in the centre of the door, about 200mm away from the handle. Finally, another technique involves the use of an electrical cable. The cable is folded in half with a loop at one end which, with some skill, is put through the letter plate and placed over the turn knob on the back of a night latch. Once in place it is pulled tight and then one half is gradually pulled. This turns the knob and opens the door.
A rare method of gaining access through a front door, is when a grappling iron or something similar has been inserted through the letterbox to grip onto the inside of the door. This is then attached by rope or chain to a large vehicle and the door is literally pulled from its frame. This type of forced entry usually only occurs at remote properties.
By far the most serious crime to occur because of letterboxes is arson, which has led to many injuries and some deaths in the UK. According to the fire service, approximately 90% of domestic arsons involve the letterbox through which petrol or similar fuel is poured followed by a burning rag or firework. Very often the fuel falls onto a carpet, which aids the burning, and the worst aspect of this is that the fire is at the front door, which most of us would use as our means of escape in an emergency. At the less serious end of intentions, but nevertheless with extremely serious outcomes, are people putting fireworks through people’s doors. Every year on Bonfire Night, there seems to be an incident where somebody has been injured or even died.
Therefore, if you are responsible for student mail or tenant’s mail, investment in a multiple postbox is a must! Postbox Shop have student accommodation lobby solutions for your higher education facility.
Commercial postboxes are ideal for apartment blocks, student accommodation, and offices etc. where mass amounts of post require a simple, organised system. All Postbox Shop’s commercial postboxes comply with British and European Standards, remaining Royal Mail compliant, manufactured using sustainable energy. We can also help to make sure they are complying with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. Our commercial postboxes are used by many key players in the UK Building Industry and are frequently recommended by various European Post Offices.
Site surveys, free quotes, drawing services and installation of our commercial or student accommodation letterboxes can be arranged.
Our aim is to ensure that your post box systems work in harmony with the architecture and interior design scheme of student accommodation developments, within budget, and complying with all sets of UK legislation.
Therefore, if you're looking for secure, stylish commercial postboxes, take a look at our extensive range.
If you require any advice regarding any of our excellent products, please contact us.
Telephone 01233 664 524, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.
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