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We supply a vast number of postboxes, letterboxes and mailboxes to suit all our customers needs. However shopping online is becoming increasingly popular, with one common restraint, who will be at home all day to wait for the parcel box deliveries, as they are generally too big to fit through standard letter plates. The solution is of course a secure and large parcel box.

Our Parcel Dropbox is perfect, simply place a parcel onto the internal shelf and close the lid, which will drop it down inside the box, a section only accessible with your key. It is unique as it will accepts multiple deliveries, and it can be screwed to a wall or concreted into the ground with a base plate. Our Zurich letterbox is much smaller, however ideal for both external and internal use, for exact dimensions and other specifications please select an image below. If you have any questions about our parcel box range, please contact our friendly team today.


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