High Quality Secure Multiple Post Box Keys


Here at the Postbox Shop we believe in offering our customers the best products and friendly service possible. We understand that post box keys like any keys can get lost and duplicates are sometimes required. If you've lost your post box keys, and require an additional set, please select the link. You must know your the post box keys number, to apply for additional keys.

If all your post box keys are lost, then a replacement lock and two keys are provided instead of additional keys. All details are retained on record for anti-fraud purposes, which can be made available to the police.

Post Box Keys
Secure Post Box Keys


If you're looking for one key to replace multiple house, work and post box keys etc. we can offer a suited lock service. We can ensure your door and post box is keyed alike.

If you have any questions in regards to post box keys, or our range please contact us today.