BlogPostbox humour to a whole new level....

Postbox humour to a whole new level....

Postbox humour to a whole new level....

Do you love the works of the unidentifiable Oxford artist Impro?

Impro an artist in his mid fifties enjoys a practical joke or two in his local area. Last September brought Impro his biggest audience so far, when he placed a fake letterbox on a buttress of the Sonning Bridge in Berkshire, only a couple of feet above water level. You may have read our previous blog about the prank, which later brought Uri Geller a local resident among many, to the see the mystifying object, which had suddenly appeared over night.

Impro plants his pieces in the "magic hour" as he refers to it, between 3 - 4 am, when no-one is around. He is inspired by his belief that people are encouraged to take life "too seriously", and has continued to plant doors, fake graveyards, postboxes and much more on local roundabouts. A postbox was located not only on a bridge buttress, but also high on an old wall of a local pub, positioned too high for anyone to reach.

The artist who fooled Uri Geller

A mystery artist behind bizarre public art installations in the South East explains the thinking behind his "pranks and japes".

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