BlogRoyal Mail set to change collection times...?

Royal Mail set to change collection times...?

Royal Mail set to change collection times...?

You may have heard that Royal Mail plan to change their Postbox collection time daily, from afternoons to mornings, but don't worry this will not affect delivery times.

If you're not an early riser, then you may dislike the latest news, that postbox collection times are due to change shortly!

This earlier set collection time will affect a large proportion of the country, as Royal Mail have decided to change the times of almost half of its UK postboxes, as part of an efficiency drive. This is due to postboxes no longer paying their way, leading to collection arrangements having to change, to prevent uneconomic local postboxes being decommissioned.

Royal Mail have identified the decline in stamped mail users, over the past decade. Ofcom agree that there is sadly a need to improve the postal systems efficiency. It is Royal Mails responsibility to ensure they communicate the changes clearly to all UK residents to make the public aware.

Some areas will have their late collections changed from 4pm or an even later slot, to 3pm, however others may see collection times as early as 9am, instead of the usual 5pm. Royal Mail staff are expected to adapt their schedules, to make the pick-ups as part of their daily rounds. Approximately 115,000 postboxes will remain unaffected by the change, however almost 50,000 postboxes will be.

Due to sceptical opinions on the new time scales, Royal Mail have stated that where new collection times have been imposed, between 9am and 3pm, a later postbox will remain within half a mile. Several new postboxes are to be fitted in specific locations where high pedestrian traffic has been identified, with an additional 2,000 postboxes due to be installed in rural parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, however there are currently approximately 12,000 rural postboxes which are emptied daily, therefore urban and suburban locations remain the areas which the collection time change will be focused.

Last post moved to as early as 9am at nearly half of Britain's post boxes - Telegraph

Currently, the boxes are emptied after 4pm, but Royal Mail has moved the times to between 9am and 3pm as part of a restructuring.

Perhaps you live in a rural community and feel like so many, that you will be disadvantaged by the Royal Mail efficient collection time change?

Could your businesses be affected by the change, making work more difficult due to much early correspondences being required?

It may have a knock-on effect for others receiving mail...

Would you like a say about the way the Royal Mail conduct their daily activities, then please join our blogging discussion below.

Will it improve the system, or will it as some people have stated, "take a couple of hours out of the working week for people who rely on the post"? Ofcom ruled that postboxes "must be found within half a mile of 98% of UK households".

Our range of postboxes, both individual or multiple, will hopefully see no change to delivery times. If you hear otherwise, please share with us. Perhaps our LATEST designer postboxes will suit your property perfectly....browse our mail solutions today.

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