BlogFamous Valentine’s Love Letters - Are you a 21st Century Romantic?

Famous Valentine’s Love Letters - Are you a 21st Century Romantic?

Famous Valentine’s Love Letters - Are you a 21st Century Romantic?

Valentine’s Day is the well-known holiday feast day on February 14th, when people express their affection with greetings and gifts.

The love letter is a way to express feelings of love in written form. Whether delivered by hand, by post, email, text, social media or even carrier pigeon, the letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings. Love letters may express a wide range of emotions; love, passion, devotion, disappointment, affection, appreciation, grief, indignation, impatience, self-reproach and resignation, to name but a few.

Please read below a few love letters from famous historical figures. They may even give you a few ideas if you intend to pen your own composition.

Prince Albert to Queen Victoria

Dearest deeply loved Victoria,

I need not tell you that since we left, all my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my whole soul. Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth. How that moment shines for me still when I was close to you, with your hand in mine. Those days flew by so quickly, but our separation will fly equally so. Ernest (my brother) wishes me to say a thousand nice things to you. With promises of unchanging love and devotion,

Your ever-true Albert.

Marilyn Monroe to Joe DiMaggio:

I don’t know how to tell you just how much I miss you. I love you till my heart could burst. All I love, all I want, all I need is you - forever. I want to be just where you are and be just what you want me to be. I know it’s lousy of me to be so late so often, and I promise to try a million times harder, I promise.

Love, Marilyn

Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn:

To my Mistress,

Because the time seems very long since I heard concerning your health and you, the great affection I have for you has induced me to send you this bearer, to be better informed of your health and pleasure, and because, since my parting from you, I have been told that the opinion in which I left you is totally changed, and that you would not come to court either with your mother, if you could, or in any other manner; which report, if true, I cannot sufficiently marvel at, because I am sure that I have since never done anything to offend you, and it seems a very poor return for the great love which I bear you to keep me at a distance both from the speech and the person of the woman that I esteem most in the world: and if you love me with as much affection as I hope you do, I am sure that the distance of our two persons would be a little irksome to you, though this does not belong so much to the mistress as to the servant.

Consider well, my mistress, that absence from you grieves me sorely, hoping that it is not your will that it should be so; but if I knew for certain that you voluntarily desired it, I could do no other than mourn my ill-fortune, and by degrees abate my great folly. And so, for lack of time, I make an end of this rude letter, beseeching you to give credence to this bearer in all that he will tell you from me.

Written by the hand of your entire Servant,


Now it’s time to write your own personal love letter in time for Valentines day.

How on earth do I do that, I’m no writer? Where do I start? Any tips?

Here are 9 steps to writing the perfect love letter:

9 Steps To Writing the Perfect Love Letter

Do you want to express your love for your partner by writing him or her a romantic love letter? Use this step-by-step guide to help you write the perfect love letter. The latest hot topics from

Well done, that’s a brilliant love letter you’ve just written. I’m sure your love letter Valentine’s mail will be delivered on time, but will your Valentine’s gift?

Are you planning to send via post, a unique Valentine’s gift? Jewellery, perfume, heart-shaped chocolates, silver photo frame, cuddly ‘love’ teddy bear, a romantic personalised gift or perhaps a personalised post box or parcel box, purchased from PostBoxShop?

Personalised Post Boxes

You can now have a romantic photo, picture or image of your choice, printed on the front of your letterbox. A short personalised romantic message could be included in your unique design.

Parcel Box Range

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The very popular ‘Dad Parcel Box Cube’ is my Pick of the Month. This new parcel box is a popular design of both parcel and mailbox which can receive small volumes of mail and parcels. Ideal for your home, it has a solid powerful retractable plate inside the top of the box which prevents parcels and mail being fished out of the box involuntarily. The Parcel Pod comes complete with a security locking mechanism which enhances the security of this box. Multiple deliveries are possible when other competitor’s models only allow for one delivery at a time.

The History of Valentine's

The holiday has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the pairing off, of women with men, by lottery. The main claim to the name is, according to romanticised legend, when Saint Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of his trial judge. He wrote her a love letter signed ‘Your Valentine’ as a farewell before his execution, for refusing to denounce Jesus Christ. It was then at the end of the 5th century, that Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. It came to be celebrated as a day of romance from about the 14th century.

When St Valentine penned his love letter on the eve of his execution, little did he know how his legacy would be commercially romanticised, with Valentine’s cards, Valentine’s gifts, red roses, chocolates etc. However, it is the love letter that retains its dominance as the symbol or authenticity of the original meaning of Valentine’s heritage.

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Don’t forget your loved one, Valentine’s Day is on Friday, February 14th

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